Excel Report Printing Error


When printing an Excel format report from Well Seeker Pro, the user encounters the following error message.

If the user selects No, Excel will close. If the user selects Yes, they will receive the following message:

However, the report will not rebuild correctly.


This issue is usually caused by a corrupted logo file assigned at operator level in the database tree. When the user prints out any excel report which includes this logo, and then error will occur. This is not an issue when printing the report in PDF format.

For Error Ellipse, Anti-Collision and Survey reports, this can also be confirmed by disabling the Primary Logo and Secondary Logo options. With these disabled, the excel report should print without any errors.


This issue can be resolved by removing the corrupted logo file from the operator. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Right click on the relevant operator in the database tree and select properties.

  2. In the Operator Properties window, click on the Clear button in both the Primary Logo and Secondary Logo sections. Do this regardless of whether a logo is showing in either section, as the corrupted logo is often not visible.

  1. Click on Apply and Close to save your changes.

If the above steps fix the issue, you can add the logo back in by using the Select Primary Logo and Select Secondary Logo buttons in the Operator Properties. Make sure to use a new logo file, to avoid repeating the problem.

If the above does not fix the issue, it can be resolved by following the below steps:

  1. In Well Seeker, open the Help menu and select Open Setup File Folder.

  2. In the Windows Explorer window that opens, double click on the Files folder.

  3. Delete all files in this folder.

Note that this will remove logos for all operators and will also remove any images attached to performance reports, as well as any external files attached to the database.

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