Force Layout Reset

Describes an issue in Well Seeker Pro where part of the interface is missing and how to solve it.


This technical note describes an issue where a part of the Well Seeker Pro user interface has been turned off and cannot be turned back on. For example, the user is in a position where the menu bar is not visible and cannot be turned back on using the View > Toolbars and Docking Windows options.


The issue is solved by forced resetting the layout. This can be achieved by performing the following steps:

  1. Close Well Seeker Pro if it is open.

  2. Create a blank text file and name it resetLayout.txt

    • Note that this is Case Sensitive and must be written exactly as detailed above.

    • Check if you have file extensions turned on/off. In Windows Explorer go to View > Show > File Name Extensions. If file extensions are off, name your text file just resetLayout, or you may end up with a file called resetLayout.txt.txt.

  3. Navigate to the user’s Well Seeker Pro install folder. The default location for this folder is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Innova Drilling and Intervention\Well Seeker PRO

  4. Copy and paste the resetLayout.txt file into the install directory.

  5. Open Well Seeker Pro. The layout will have been reset, making all of the menus toolbars and docking windows visible.

  6. Delete the resetLayout.txt file from the install directory. This is an important step because if the file is not deleted, the layout will continue to reset every time Well Seeker is opened

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