Accessing the API for Non-Programmers

1.0 - Introduction

Accessing data via the Innova API is not just limited to those with a computer programming background. Anyone with access to Microsoft Excel who has experience with Macros can also pull data from the API.

The following document details an example excel workbook which can be used to pull data from the API.

2.0 – InnovaApiCall Excel Workbook

The InnovaApiCall excel workbook, which is available to download at the bottom of this page, has been created with a macro which allows the user to pull Well Data from the server database. This example only pulls Well Data, and has been created as a reference for new users. To add different API calls, new macros would have to be added.

To add new macros, the user must have the Developer tab visible within excel and select Visual Basic to open the dialog. See below link on how to make the Developer tab visible in excel if it is not already:

Show the Developer tab - Microsoft Support

For the excel workbook to work correctly, you will need to ensure that macros are enabled. In most cases when the file is first opened, there will be a prompt at the top of the screen asking if you want to enable macros. You should choose yes.

In the User Details tab, you must enter the username and password of a user registered on the Innova Cloud Portal with permission to access the client API features. You will also require a product key that is provided by Innova on a case-by-case basis. Contact for more information.

To make the API call to pull the well list, follow the below steps:

  1. Enter username and password in the green cells.

  2. Enter the product key (get from Innova Support).

  3. Click the Get Token button and the token cell will populate if you have entered valid credentials.

    1. If this does not work, check you have internet connection, check the user credentials have access to the API and check the product key has been entered correctly.

  4. Click Get Wells button and the well data should populate on the Wells sheet.

  5. The code in the module can be used to make other API calls, but the user will be required to add these in the Developer > Visual Basic page using their own VBA scripts.

Download the InnovaApiCall excel workbook from this link:

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