Innova Engineering Release Notes

The most recent release notes for Innova Engineering. This document details the various changes implemented between revisions.

Release notes for (21st June 2022)

  • Removed OD and ID check from well geometry grid

  • Removed options to centre on survey and fly down well in 3d view

  • Added overpull value to chart legend

  • Stopped charts being able to be closed by hitting enter key

  • Added new icon

  • Added automatic update functions

  • Minor Improvements

Release notes for (31st May 2021)

  • Added WOB label to Rotating on bottom hookload legend

  • Greyed out hydraulics and tnd summary report options in the report manager when excel report is selected

  • Minor Improvements

Release notes for (22nd March 2021)

  • Added button on main dialog to adjust current component length. This will take the current max calculation depth (either T&D or hydraulics) and then calculate the cumulative length of every component in the BHA grid except the row selected. The length of the component selected will then be set to the max calc depth – cumulative length of the BHA

  • Added a button to the engineering parameters tab, this will set the depth of the T&D Calc and Hydraulics calc depth to either the max survey or max geo grid depth

  • Added dogleg comparison chart, can show overlay the tortuous well path as well as the original

  • Added sliding hookloads as an option to display on the drillers hookloads chart

  • Removed reaming hookloads from drillers hookloads chart

  • Added rotating on bottom series to drillers hookloads chart

  • Added Side force toolface angle to Side force chart

  • Added support for multiple license files in install directory, engineering will now find the most valid license and ignore the rest

  • Minor Improvements

Release notes for (24th February 2021)

  • Y Axis are inverted for appropriate charts when first printing charts without viewing

  • Added ftlbs as a torque unit

  • Cuttings diameter now changes to mm when mm is selected as an OD unit

  • Added the option to include pipe range in the component details for drill pipe

  • Tortuosity (if applied) is now visible on plan section and 3D views for well plan surveys only

  • Minor Improvements

Release notes for (10th December 2020)

  • Smoothed out spikes in annular contact time chart

  • Added in OD warnings for T&D Calculation

  • Added in copy and paste functions to cementing grids

  • Changed the behaviour of the drop downs for the units in the bit hydraulics calculator

  • When the cementing animation gets to the end hitting the play button will restart the animation

  • Added link to you tube videos in the main menu

  • Changes to the BHA analysis calculation (build / drop)

  • Cuttings density defaults back normal value when cuttings density enable / disable is checked

  • When 2 agitators are entered the one with the highest friction reduction will be used

  • Automatically removes thousand separators from the drilling data grid.

  • Added number of centralizers per section and a totals section to stand off summary

  • PDF reports now open in Adobe rather than VPE

  • MSA reports now open in Adobe

  • Added option to reset pipe class limits

  • Minor Improvements

Release notes for 2.5.7 (28th February 2019)

  • When you paste into the survey grid it will automatically remove the comma from the depths

  • Added option to show depth labels on MSA scatter plot

  • Added tool to calculate buoyancy factor and hydrostatic pressure

  • Added option to limit the maximum number of open Engineering instances

  • Added kpa/m mud weight units and m3/min flow rate units

  • Changed Herschel Bulkley Model to API 13D

  • Added AV to cementing results

  • Added coloured bar to indicate flow type on cementing results

  • Added option to select flow units for pumping schedule in cementing

  • Added contact time chart for cementing

  • Added fracture gradient to ECD snapshot chart in cementing results

  • Added air drilling mode to hydraulics module

  • Added option to export the cementing results data to excel

  • Changed the way which split flow is handled in hydraulics

  • Changed the way in which casing floatation is handled in T&D

  • Added EDR Data Parser

  • Minor Improvements

Release notes for 2.5.6 (24th July 2019)

  • Added buckling detection output to the T&D results

  • Added option to change the neutral point safety factor in the jar placement

  • Added option to change the jar size checks in the jar placement

  • Added the option to change the x scale of the impulse and impact charts in the jar placement

  • Added the pass-through dogleg calculation tool

  • Added warning for SAG and BHA sensitivity analysis if a component type was not entered

  • Minor Improvements

Release notes for 2.5.5 (23rd May 2019)

  • Removed the time from the report cover

  • Survey import column selections now save with the project

  • Changed stab blade length units so that they reflect the OD units

  • Added option to include the time (or not) on the reports

  • Added option to lock a perpetual license to a version

  • Added GT plot to MSA charts

  • Made MSA charts resizable

  • Added the BHA image to the excel Magnetic spacing results export

  • Minor Improvements

Release notes for 2.5.4 (11th April 2019)

  • Added in charts to the MSA reports

  • Added in an option for an Excel MSA report

  • Added Corrected v Uncorrected Plan and section View Chart to MSA reports

  • PDF report preview now shows maximised

  • Option to just preview a report rather than save it

  • Can now enter a restriction ID for casing bow spring centralizers so that the running force follows a logarithmic curve based on compression

  • Added option to select which MSA charts are included in the reports

  • Added auto fill pump out force

  • Added cementing simulation tool

  • Minor Improvements

Release notes for 2.5.3 (6th March 2019)

  • Added option to change accelerometer units

  • Added option to invert accelerometer Z axis

  • Added option to specify MPD back pressure

  • Added warning to MSA dialog if any parameter maxes out after the calculation is run

  • Added option to include riser boost rate to hydraulics calc

  • Added support for EVO and applied physics magnetic units

  • Added Canadian Units

  • Changed the colour of the SCC AZI and SAG INC columns to blue on the raw surveys tab

  • Added in open project folder option

  • Added open documentation folder option

  • Added check for update option

  • When license is deactivated code now saves to a file

  • Added option for entering RT vibration data

  • Added a chart to show real time vibration data

  • Chart axis limits now save when printing

  • Minor Improvements

Release notes for 2.5.2 (20th November 2018)

  • Modifications to power law and Herschel bulkley parameters

  • Modified hole cleaning parameters to include RPM

  • Added option to see pick up weight with overpull in off bottom snap shot chart

  • Added option to specify the number of decimal places used for survey MD INC and AZI

  • Upgraded to MFVv141

  • Added options to have default chart formatting styles for line colour line style

  • Added option to include series labels on charts such as friction factor and flow rate

  • Added option to shade to the left hand side of the buckling lines on plots

  • Added option to print the BHA inverted

  • Adjusted way Computer Code is created for License Generation

  • Minor Improvements

Release notes for 2.5.1 (28th June 2018)

  • Azimuth columns in the MSA dialog now highlighted for ease of comparison

  • MSA survey azimuths which are out of spec on MSA QC but OK with normal QC are now highlighted orange

  • Wellpath magnetic interference now has adjusted drillstring component pole strengths

  • Added option to manually set the pole strengths within the Wellpath Magnetics results window

  • Added option to add Bit Grading In and Out on the printed BHA

  • Warning added if pipe tension limits are exceeded

  • Ability to add a second logo to PDF reports

  • Added option to email computer code from License Details Window

  • Added jar details to printed BHA

  • Added option to print charts to PDF with header

  • Minor Improvements

Release notes for 2.5.0 (2nd June 2018)

  • Ability to change colour of PDF reports

  • New BHA images

  • Additional inputs for printed BHA

  • Minor Improvements

Release notes for 2.4.9 (22nd May 2018)

  • Can now change the background colour on BHA reports

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for 2.4.8 (2nd April 2018)

  • Updates to printed BHA output

  • High resolution printed charts

  • High resolution tool bar

  • Can now have multiple casing strings in the well geometry

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for 2.4.7 (2nd February 2018)

  • Separate tolerances for MSA surveys

  • Option in torque and drag model to have the hole fluid level set below zero

  • Overpull can now be included in pipe stretch calcs

  • Delta charts included in MSA

  • HSTF v Azi Correction plot added to MSA

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.4.6 – (22nd January 2018)

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for 2.4.5 (29th December 2017)

  • Addition of psi/f3 mud units

  • BHA Sensitivity analysis tool

  • Ability to create an Excel BHA sheet from the main drill string entry page

  • The option to see N & K mud parameters

  • Addition of a roller reamer component

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for 2.4.4 (12th December 2017)

  • Option to turn chart titles on and off

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for 2.4.3 (16th November 2017)

  • Option to model Air Drilling in Torque and Drag

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for 2.4.2 (7th November 2017)

  • Option to support air drilling for T&D

  • Option to limit the number of decimal places in the SAG

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for 2.4.1 (26th September 2017)

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for 2.4.0 (11th September 2017)

  • Includes ability to model expandable liners

  • Chart updates

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for 2.3.9 (30th August 2017)

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.3.8 – (28th August 2017)

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for 2.3.7 (17th August 2017)

  • Surge and swab parameter changes

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.3.6 – (1st June 2017)

  • Added displacement, capacity to tubular properties calculator

  • Added well control section to pressure gradients dialog

  • Can now open a file by double clicking on it

  • Can now use the comma as a separator on the drill string grid

  • Can now enter a separate WOB for sliding and rotating

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for 2.3.5 (27th May 2017)

  • Addition of new raw survey magnetic units: nT no XY inversion

  • SCC delta azi is now calculated in NM spacing results

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for 2.3.4 (3rd May 2017)

  • Stress / Strain calculation for all T&D operations

  • Can now model Aluminium Drill Pipe

  • Option to input temperature gradients

  • Tubular properties calculator (Burst, Collapse & Tri-Axial)

  • Casing seat calculator

Release Notes for 2.3.3 (23rd February 2017)

  • Multi Station Analysis added

  • Casing Standoff calculation

  • BHA importer and exporter added

  • Drilling Fluids Library

  • Components Catalogue

  • T&D & Hydraulics Summary Reports

  • Additional Loading and Unloading Buckling Model

  • Report template feature implemented

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.3.2– (1st February 2017)

  • High res tool bar for all dialogs now implemented

  • Main tab control font size changed for high resolution monitors

  • Added buttons for casing standoff / wear / dp fatigue to tool bar

  • Optimize casing standoff option

  • Added centraliser restoring force option

  • Added casing optimisation parameters dialog

  • Added report for casing standoff summary and chart

  • Added the option to display the casing shoes on the plots

  • Rheology chart in fluids editor

  • Added option to print standoff data as part of a report

  • Moved position of chart screen reader to outside the chart

  • Button to turn grid on and off in charts

  • Added toolbar button for survey import

  • Engineering now accepts the comma as a decimal separator

  • Added warning if no SCC license available

  • Well Schematic has been added to main dialog and in a separate dialog available from the tools menu

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.3.1– (26th January 2017)

  • Can now include the hydraulics and T&D summary as part of a full report

  • Added buttons to allow the user to reset the fluids and component catalogues to defaults

  • Tool bar now has a high res monitor compatibility when scale factor > 1.5

  • Added casing standoff calculator

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.3.0 – (25th January 2017)

  • Consolidated resize functions in to a single class

  • Resize font now changed (larger)

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.2.9 – (20th January 2017)

  • Added depth to user defined ref for surge and swab chart

  • Added error check for OD & ID for hydraulics calc

  • Can now copy and paste in to interpolation dialog

  • Torque and drag now uses vectors for all large arrays

  • Step size reduced by 50% for torque and drag

  • SO On bottom renamed to slide drilling

  • Free rotating weight (on btm) named rotating on bottom

  • String tensions now calculated using the buoyancy method, pump rate and cross-sectional areas now taken in to account

  • Additional side force due to Helical Buckling implemented

  • Results table dialog now maximised

  • Buckling calculations now use the curvilinear model and helical calculations are done on the unloading model

  • Added option to add tortuosity, separate dialog accessible from options menu

  • Pipe class editor added

  • New drill pipe property to change OD based on class

  • Can now enter an Inc and Azi on the tie-on line for raw surveys

  • Added a line for minimum weight to helically buckle on to the drillers hook load plot

  • Added column to indicate buckling type to results table

  • BHA component now displayed in snapshot results table

  • Reaming HL now added to drillers hookloads chart and data table

  • Added torque and drag summary report

  • Added hydraulics summary report

  • Added license expiry date to register software dialog

  • Redesigned the tubular catalogue, only a single catalogue for all components and there is now a filter and more details

  • Added a fluids editor and database to the first tab

  • Copy and paste now copies the column headers and the first column

  • Removed buttons for hydraulics data tables from toolbar

  • Added option for buckling model (loading or unloading)

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.2.8 – (15th November 2016)

  • Added surge and swab references & open and closed ended to chart title

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.2.7 – (14th November 2016)

  • Changed pole strengths of X/O subs and drill pipe

  • Survey selection is now saved with project file

  • Added units to field strength on tab 2

  • DP catalogue now selects the weight based on whether the TJ is include or not

  • Torque and drag now error checks to see if weight and ID has been entered for all components

  • TR BR etc are blanked out on tie on line

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.2.6 – (18th October 2016)

  • NM Spacing results now bigger and columns auto size

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.2.5 – (13th October 2016)

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.2.4 – (10th October 2016)

  • Changed colour of report blue so it is clearer to see the text when printed

  • Mag spacing output HL and Dip now to 3dp on output dialog

  • Added ROP to Cuttings % chart title

  • NM spacing results now highlight HL and Dip values which are out of range

  • Changed tangential point found error message

  • Stabiliser blade length and distance from bottom is now error checked so it cannot be longer than the component

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.2.3 – (12th September 2016)

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.2.2 – (4th September 2016)

  • Version is now on report covers and footers

  • Can now copy results on tab 3 to clipboard

  • Excel report titles now left justified not centre

  • Added depth to title of hole cleaning charts

  • Added depth to title of minimum flowrate chart

  • Open hole depth now is set to infinity in TnD Calcs and hydraulics

  • Navigator survey import now includes a line for the tie on

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.2.1 – (27th July 2016)

  • Application is now high DPI aware

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.2.0 – (12th July 2016)

  • Can now draw a table of the BHA and well bore geometry in plots

  • Added in a minimum flow rate for good hole cleaning chart

  • Can now access a charts data table from an icon in the chart tool bar

  • On bottom tension snapshot displays correct WOB

  • Added casing wear chart and data, calculates casing wear depth

  • Added drill pipe fatigue prediction - calculates critical dogleg where fatigue may be an issue

  • Auto calculate weight now updates when OD units are changed

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.1.9 – (22nd June 2016)

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.1.8 – (17th June 2016)

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.1.7 – (15th June 2016)

  • Added HWDP to catalogue

  • Can now insert and delete items from DP catalogue

  • Can now insert items in to the DS grid from catalogue

  • Added circ sub option, under reamer and hole opener

  • Can now select last BHA component to be used for calculating the weight

Release Notes for Rev 2.1.6 – (12th June 2016)

  • Rotating weight on bottom now includes WOB

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.1.5 – (8th June 2016)

  • Added warning for unsaved project when the program is closed

  • BHA weight now calculates when mud weight is changed

  • Added units to JV

  • Added TFA to bit pressure loss summary

  • Can access the library by right clicking on the ds grid

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.1.4 – (6th June 2016)

  • Added drill pipe and casing catalogue

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.1.3 – (3rd June 2016)

  • Displays BHA weight in main tab

  • Displays MUT on charts

  • Copy paste now works with fractions for OD and ID

  • Properties grid now uses fractions for OD

  • Flowrate added to hydraulics profile header

  • Check all and uncheck all buttons on reports generator

  • Time added to report cover

  • Added depth to snapshot report headers

  • Detects if BHA touches well bore before sensor measure point

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 2.0.0 – (30th May 2016)

  • New charting engine implemented

  • SAG and Magnetic interference calcs now launch the results after the calculation is performed.

  • Label dragging in charts

  • Tether lines in charts

  • Adjusted some column widths in reports

  • Increased performance in properties grid

  • Added smooth scrolling to all flex grids

  • Table results dialog now resizable

  • Chart results dialog now resizable

  • Section and plan view charts now have their aspect ratios preserved

  • Added snapshot depth to chart headings

  • Can now enter OD’s and ID’s as a fraction using parser

  • Auto size columns in results tables

  • Colour coded cells if pipe is buckled

  • Can now enter value for actual overpull on third tab

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 1.1.0 – (21st April 2016)

  • Minor Improvements

Release Notes for Rev 1.0.0 – (1st January 2016)

  • Initial release of software

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