Login Credential Management Change


With the introduction of the Web Portal and Mobile App, Innova has added new functionality which streamlines user login credential management. Accessed via the Portal and App, User Management allows admin users to create login credentials and assign permissions and roles to the relevant members of their organisation. The implemented change now means that these login credentials can also be used to access the companies Well Seeker server database, if the appropriate permission has been assigned.

This change means the user management process is controlled from one location and simplifies access for the individual users by giving them just one username and password which can be used across the Innova platform.

Implementation of this change is handled by Innova, and the appropriate company representative will be contacted prior to any changes being made.

Server Management Changes

Once this change is implemented for your organisation, the User Permissions table (pictured below) in Well Seeker Pro becomes obsolete. Instead, adding, removing, and managing access for users will be handled by the Innova ICP API (Innova Cloud Portal Application Programming Interface), which uses the login details in the User Management section of the Web Portal and App.

Note: If your organisation has users in the User Permission table that do NOT have login credentials for the Portal and the App, they will need to have some created or they will not be able to log into your organisation’s remote SQL database via Well Seeker after the change is implemented.

Managing users in this way simplifies the process while also giving your organisation a greater level of control over who can access data stored in your organisation’s database. The methods of controlling access are detailed below:


Most user permissions are handled through roles. A role is a set of user permissions that can be setup and then applied to multiple users in your organisation. Every user requires a role to be assigned to them. Through roles, management can control:

  • If users have permission to create, edit and delete items in the organisation’s database.

  • Which operators they can see and interact with.

  • What well data (e.g., daily reports, cost data, etc) a user can access.

  • Which features in Innova products the user can access.

Well Seeker Pro is now included in the selection of Innova product features. When enabled, this grants permission for a user to log onto the organisation’s server database via Well Seeker Pro. If this is disabled, the user cannot access the server database via Well Seeker but will still be able to log on to the Portal or the App.


Users have most of their access permissions controlled through their assigned role, but at an individual user level, management can also grant/restrict access to specific operators and wells. The permissions granted here will apply to the selected user across the portal, app and the Well Seeker server database.

Well Seeker User Changes

If this change is applied to your organisation, users that access the server database via Well Seeker, using the Connect to Remote Database function, may find that their old login credentials no longer work. Instead, they will need to use the same login credentials that they use to access the Innova Web Portal or App. If they do not have login credentials for the Web Portal or App, then these will need to be provided.

Additionally, there are some changes to the SQL Server Login, Remote Data Fetch, Real Time Data Exchange, and WITS functions that simplify them for the user.

SQL Server Login

When you log into an SQL Server Database in Well Seeker Pro, you will no longer be required to enter all the server credentials (below left). Instead, you will only need to enter your username and password (below right). The database name will be automatically populated based on your license.

The WS username and password entered here will be the same ones used to access the Innova Web Portal or Innova App.

Remote Data Fetch, Real Time Data Exchange, and WITS

In order to function correctly, the remote data fetch, real time data exchange and WITS dialog require ICDS Server and Port details. Prior to this change these cells were editable, and could be changed by the individual user. With the login credential management change implemented, these options are now automatically populated and are greyed out and no longer editable.

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