Missing Microsoft Edge Update

Covers an update to Microsoft Edge that is required for maps to work properly within Well Seeker Pro in version and later.


Well Seeker utilizes integrated maps throughout the program to display surface locations and to plot wellbore trajectories. Prior to v2.0.6.2, these maps were built on an Internet Explorer embedded web browser.

Microsoft will stop supporting the Internet Explorer 11 desktop application for certain operating systems starting June 15, 2022, and Windows 11 will use Microsoft Edge as its default browser. The Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will not be available on Windows 11.

To avoid any issues when Internet Explorer is eventually phased out, Innova have implemented a change in v2.0.6.2 so the maps in Well Seeker are now built on a Microsoft Edge embedded web browser. This requires a Microsoft Edge update (Microsoft Edge webview2 run time) to be installed on the relevant computer.

If the user has v2.0.6.2 or newer installed, and don’t have the Microsoft Edge update installed, then the maps will not display correctly (as below) and Well Seeker may crash when a map dialog is closed.


Missing Microsoft Edge Update, specifically, Microsoft Edge webview2 run time.


There are 2 ways to update Well Seeker to a new version. Both are detailed below, along with the relevant solution. Note, you will require a working internet connection to complete this process.

Updating With an Install File

When updating to v2.0.6.2 or newer using an installation file, the install will search the computer to check if the Microsoft Edge Update is already installed. If this is missing, then the below dialog will be displayed.

Follow the onscreen instructions to install the update and finish the installation process. All maps will now display as expected.

Updating With a Patch

When updating an older version of Well Seeker (pre v2.0.6.2) to v2.0.6.2 or newer using a patch the user will need to manually install the Microsoft Edge update. This can be done by following the below instructions:

  • Select to Accept and Download

  • This will download a file called MicrosoftEdgeWebview2Setup.exe to the downloads folder

  • Double left click on the file. You should see the below left download dialog appear and then the below right installing dialog.

  • These will close when installation is complete

With the new patch and Microsoft Edge update both added, all maps will now display as expected.

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