Hardware Malfunction casuing WITS related error

Details an incident where a faulty cable casused strange WITS beheviour in Well Seeker.


Well Seeker Pro can import data via WITS. A client recently experienced an issue with their incoming WITS feed, that was isolated to a hardware malfunction. Innova would like to share this example with their clients, to help them identify and solve this issue quickly if it occurs in the future.


A client was importing WITS data when Well Seeker began generating invalid cursor state and insert error messages. When looking at the Serial / TCP WITS Comms dialog it could be seen that the incoming WITS data was full of not standard format symbols.
Graphical user interface Description automatically generated with low confidence
After troubleshooting, the issue was isolated to a faulty cable and / or serial port. When the cable was changed,and a different port was tried the WITS feed worked correctly and no further error messages were generated by Well Seeker.