Third Party Survey Correction Integration


Well Seeker Pro version and later includes a feature that allows the user to integrate corrected surveys from a third party provider into their survey listing. The currently supported providers are Superior QC, MagVAR and RoundLAB. This technical note details how to set up and operate the integration in Well Seeker.

Set Up

For this feature to work, the user requires a stable internet connection and an Actual Well / Survey setup in the Well Seeker database tree. For detailed steps regarding how to achieve this, refer to the Well Seeker Pro How to Guide.

When using the Survey Correction integration with Superior QC selected as the Provider, it is also beneficial to have the API number entered in the Daily Reports section for the well, although this is not required. If the API number is entered, the correct surveys will be automatically selected from the Superior QC server. If the API is not entered, or if you have MagVAR/RoundLAB selected as the Provider, then the user will need to select the well manually.

To enter the API number in Well Seeker, right click on the relevant actual well in the database tree and select Reporting >> Daily Reporting.

In the Daily Reports window, make sure you have at least one daily report created, and then click on the Well Data & Personnel icon in the toolbar. In the Well Data & Personnel window, fill in the API Job # field. Make sure this matches exactly with the API number entered in Superior QC. Click on Apply, and then save in the Daily Reports window.


Open the survey that you wish to sync your external provider. Open the Tools menu and select Svy Correction Provider Settings. This will open the Survey Correction Provider Settings window.

To use the integration, first select the provider from the Provider drop down box. Note that for Superior QC there are two options available:

  • Superior QC: Provides corrected surveys.

  • Superior QC – HiFi Nav: Provides corrected surveys as above, but also includes interpolated trajectory points based on slide/rotate intervals.

You must enter your provider username and password into the Username and Password fields. Note that once entered, these fields will remain populated the next time the dialog is opened. Well Seeker will also remember different settings for individual surveys.

Whereas if you selected MagVAR or RoundLAB it will look like this:

Note that if the provider is set to Superior QC, the API number is entered in Well Seeker and matches the API number in the Superior QC server, the Sel Well Name and Sel Operator fields will populate automatically as soon as the user selects the Get Wells option i.e. there is no requirement to select the well and hit update.

You can also set Well Seeker to sync automatically. Change the Auto Update field from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’ and set the update rate in minutes in the Update Rate field. In order for the automatic sync to work, the survey sheet must remain open; however, the Superior QC Setting dialog can be closed.

Click on Save to save the settings and close the window, or Cancel to close without saving.

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