Unit Set File Format Updated


Well Seeker Pro comes as standard with a selection of pre-defined unit sets that the user can select from. The user can also create and customize their own unit sets based on whatever requirements they have. These unit sets are stored within the software as Unit Set files (.us file extension), which can be copied from one computer and added to another to allow the unit set to be quickly shared without having to create them from scratch.

From Well Seeker Pro version the format of the information within the unit set files has been updated to improve functionality. The new updated unit set file format will not work on any Well Seeker Pro versions prior to, but all old format unit set files will work on all versions.


If a new style unit set file is added to a version of Well Seeker Pro which is older than v2.2.0.4, all data will appear in API units within Well Seeker, regardless of unit selection. The updated unit set file format can only be identified when the unit set file (.us) is opened and viewed. This can be done using Notepad.

Old Format

New Format


There are 2 ways to address the issue:

1 - Upgrade to the latest version of Well Seeker Pro and all unit set formats will work

2 - Download the old format default unit set files from the link at the top if this page.

Once downloaded, close Well Seeker Pro, copy and paste these files in to the following folder (note the username will be different for each PC), overwriting any files with the same name:

C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Well Seeker Pro\Unit Sets

Open Well Seeker and functionality of the unit sets will resume as normal.

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