Products & Features and User Permissions Update

Details an update to the user management Products & Features and User Permissions systems in the Innova Web Portal and the Innova Phone App.


Some administrators expressed a desire to be able to assign role access to certain pages and features within the Web Portal and App, that were only available when the Admin feature was assigned to a role, but not allow that same role to have access to other Admin pages and features, e.g., have access to the Data QC feature, but not have access to the User Management feature.

As of 12th April 2024, we have tackled this request with an update to the user management Products & Features and User Permissions system.


Roles are now simpler to define. All of the old base feature options have been moved into the products and features section. Any features that were previously locked behind the Admin user permission, have also been moved and are now selectable within the products & features section.

The only visible changes that a user will see are in the Roles & Profile pages. The Base Features option has been removed and the Products & Features selection interface has been updated to make selection of the larger number of products & features simple.

In the Roles section the Admin user permission no longer gives access to specific products and features. However, it is required to carry out any of the below actions within the Web Portal and App; so while a user may have access to some of the below features, they will not be able to use all/some of the actions within them, unless their role has Admin permissions enabled:

  • Bulk Edit

  • Delete Field

  • Delete Operator

  • Update / Delete Activity Code

  • Update / Delete Phase Code

  • Update Third Party app credentials

  • Update Anti-Collision Dashboard settings

  • Reset Component Catalog

  • Component Catalog Create/Edit/Delete

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