Innova Remote Client Setup Guide

1.0 - Introduction

Well Seeker Pro now has the integrated functionality to remotely send and monitor downlinks on a specified rig, utilizing the rig’s control system. Currently Well Seeker Pro can communicate with NOV’s DrillLink software and downlink by either the mud pumps, or top drive on rigs utilizing the Amphion and Cyberbase rig control systems. This document is intended to guide the user through the process of installing and setting up the Innova Remote Client application on a device on the rig network, so that it can communicate with both DrillLink and Well Seeker Pro installed on a remote PC, to facilitate the downlink functionality. The Innova remote client is only required if the Well Seeker Pro PC is outside the rig network.

The below system diagram depicts how Well Seeker Pro interacts with DrillLink to send downlinks from a remote location and the role the Innova Remote Client plays in that communication.

2.0 – Security

If the Well Seeker Pro laptop is not at the rig site then the security risks are innate security risks, as this requires a way for an external source to access the rig network. These risks are negated in the following ways:

  • Well Seeker Pro communication from a remote location is handled solely by the Innova Remote Client. This application will only deal with communication from Well Seeker Pro via the secure ICP API (Innova Cloud Portal API)

  • All communication between Well Seeker Pro and the Innova Remote Client use TSL encryption (Transport Layer Security)

  • Access to the Innova Remote Client requires a Username and Password for successful communication to be established. These credentials can only be supplied by Innova

  • Each rig will be specified by a randomly generated unique code (GUUID) from Innova, which must be known to communicate with the Innova Remote Client for a specific rig. This can only be handled when using Well Seeker Pro software

  • The Downlink Control functionality is a license enabled feature, meaning that only users with a valid license for the feature will be able to use it

  • The driller at the rig site will have ultimate control as to whether the DrillLink system allows remote access or not, utilizing an override switch in the DrillLink console on the rig floor

3.0 – Innova Remote Client Installation

The below steps lead the user through installing the Innova Remote Client application on to a device that is on the rig network and will be able to communicate with the DrillLink device.

1. Save the install file provided by Innova on to the desktop of the chosen device. This device should be connected to the rig network

2. Open the install file by double left clicking on it

3. Check the I agree to the License terms and conditions cell and then select INSTALL. The user can view the license terms and conditions by selecting the blue phrase License terms and conditions

4. The installation will complete. Select Finish

5. A shortcut for the application will have been created on the device desktop

4.0 – Innova Remote Client Setup

Once installation is completed the Innova Remote Client must be setup so that it can communicate with both Well Seeker Pro, via the ICP API and DrillLink. The below steps will guide the user through this process.

1. Open the Innova Remote Client via the shortcut on the device desktop

2. In the ICP Configuration section input the Username and Password credentials supplied by Innova. This allows the Innova Remote Client to communicate with Well Seeker Pro via the ICP API

3. Input the Rig GUUID supplied by Innova. This is a security feature that ensures that the rig can only be communicated with by a validated user and not be confused with any other rigs

4. If not already the case, set the Environment to Production. This can be selected in the Environment menu and selecting Production

5. Enter the DrillLink Configuration IP Address and Port. This is the IP for the device that DrillLink is installed on, or relays information to DrillLink. The port is always 8080

6. The DrillLink Controls section displays the status of connection between the Innova Remote Client and DrillLink. The user can use the Connect and Disconnect options to ensure that the correct settings have been input and that a successful connection has been established, denoted by the Connected cell displaying Connected. During downlinking operations the connect, disconnect and abort functions will be controlled by the end user within Well Seeker Pro’s Downlink Control dialog.

7. The current inputs can be saved to a file. To do this select File > Save config

8. To load previous inputs saved to a file select File > Load config. Select the relevant config file and select Open

9. The setup process is now complete

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