Survey Correction Integration Guide

A step-by-step guide to using Well Seeker Pro's survey correction feature, that allows the software to sync surveys with external correction providers

1.0 - Introduction

Well Seeker Pro version or later includes an integrated feature that allows the user to download corrected surveys from three survey correction providers – Superior QC, MagVAR and RoundLAB. This document is a guide to setting up and using the integration.
For this feature to work, the user requires a stable internet connection and an actual well and survey already set up in the Well Seeker database tree. For detailed steps regarding how to achieve this, refer to the Well Seeker Pro How to Guide.

2.0 - Description

1. Open the survey that you want to sync with the survey correction service. When the corrected surveys are downloaded they will overwrite what is currently in the survey sheet, so if you have multiple tabs open, make sure you are viewing the correct one.
2. Open the Tools menu and select Svy Correction Provider Settings. Note that this option will not show in the menu unless a survey is open. This will open the Survey Correction Provider Settings window.
3. Select your provider from the dropdown box in the Provider field, then enter your username and password into the Username and Password fields.
4. Click on
Get Wells to open the Well Selection dialog. Depending on your provider, the Well Selection dialog will look slightly different.
5. In the Select column click on the checkbox that corresponds to the desired well and then click on Update. The Sel Well Name and Sel Operator fields in the Survey Correction Provider Settings window will update.
6. Click on
Sync Surveys to check if any new surveys are available from your selected provider. If there are, the user will be given the option to update the survey list in Well Seeker. Click on Yes to update your survey sheet.
  • Note: This will overwrite any existing data in the sheet.
  • Note: If the tie-on line for the survey is deeper than the surveys available, selecting yes will not do anything i.e. no surveys will be pulled into Well Seeker.
7. You can also set Well Seeker to automatically check for and sync new surveys. Change the Auto Update field from ‘NO’ to ‘YES’ and set the update rate in minutes in the Update Rate field. In order for the automatic sync to work, the survey sheet must remain open, but the Survey Correction Provider Settings window can be closed.
8. Click on
Save to save your settings, and then click on the X in the top right of the window to close. To close without saving your settings, click on

3.0 - Superior QC Only features

Some features of the Survey Correction Integration are only available when Superior QC is selected as the provider. These features are optional and are not required to perform the basic survey retrieval function.

3.1 – Auto-Get Well

If the user has an API number for the well entered in the Daily Reporting section of Well Seeker, when the
Get Wells button is clicked, Well Seeker will look up the API number on the Superior QC server and automatically select the correct well.
To enter the API number in Well Seeker, right click on the relevant actual well in the database tree and select Reporting >> Daily Reporting.
In the Daily Reports window, make sure you have at least one daily report created, and then click on the Well Data & Personnel icon in the toolbar. In the Well Data & Personnel window, fill in the API Job # field. Make sure this matches exactly with the API number entered in Superior QC. Click on Apply, and then save in the Daily Reports window. Note, that if the API number is entered but does not match, then the user will still have the option to manually select the desired well.

3.2 - Check Well Data

Clicking on
Check Well Data will compare the latitude, longitude, magnetic field strength, dip, declination and grid convergence values stored on the Superior QC server, with the values referenced in Well Seeker. If they do not match, a warning box similar to the image below will appear.
In Well Seeker the Latitude and Longitude co-ordinates of the well are set in Well Properties dialog for the well. Grid Convergence is automatically calculated using the well location and the mapping grid selected in the Field Properties Dialog.
Total Field, Dip and Declination are set in the Actual Well Properties dialog. These dialogs can all be accessed by right clicking on the database tree at the relevant level and selecting Properties.