Registering an OAuth App on Okta

Covers registration and configuration of an OAuth App on the Okta identity management platform.


The Innova API can be integrated into Okta, allowing Innova logins to be managed through your organization’s single sign-on system. This document covers the steps required to register an app on Okta and configure permissions for it.

Input all data as per this document. Naming conventions are critical for this function to work successfully!


  1. Go to and log in to your account.

2. Click on Admin in the top right of the window to access the Admin Dashboard.

3. On the side menu to the left, click on Applications to expand the Applications sub-menu, then click on Applications again to open the Applications window. In the Applications window click on Create App Integration.

4. On the Create a New App Integration page, select the sign-in method as OIDC – OpenID Connect and the Application type as Native Application. Then click on Next.

5. On the New Native App Integration screen in the General Settings section, enter the App Integration Name as ‘icpApi’. Toggle on Refresh Token and Resource Owner Password.

In the Assignments section, the Controlled Access setting should be set according to your organisation’s policy. All other settings in the New Native App Integration window can be left as their defaults. Click Save.

6. On the next screen, named ‘icpApi’ in this case, click on the Edit button in the Client Credentials section.

Change the Client Authentication setting to Client secret, then click Save.

8. Scroll back up to the top of the screen and click on Sign On.

9. In the Sign On screen, scroll down to the User Authentication section and click on Edit.

Change the Authentication Policy to Password Only and then click on Save.

10. Scroll back up to the top of the screen and click on Okta API Scopes.

11. Click on Grant next to the scope to grant consent.

12. Scroll back up to the top of the screen and click on Okta API Scopes.

13. Click on Assign and then Assign to People.

14. Assign the relevant users by clicking on the Assign button beside each user, then click Done.

Additional setup to enable Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) logins

If your organization wishes to have MFA logins turned on for the Innova Web Portal, Mobile App and Well Seeker Pro server database logins, then they must first follow the below steps within Okta. In addition to these steps, the system admin will require to turn on MFA for the organization, or for individual users within Okta. For that process the user should refer to Okta documentation.

Navigate to the icpApi application General Settings page. Change the grant types to the below.

Add the below to the call backs

Note for Innova Admins

Within the Innova infrastructure the following information provided by the client is input in to the following cells in the Organizations tab:

Client ID: Input in to CLIENT ID

Client Secret: Input in to CLIENT SECRET

Domain: Input in to TENANT (DIRECTORY) ID

In the DOMAIN NAME cell, input the end of the company email address, e.g.,

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