Solo Cloud Integration Guide

A step-by-step guide to using the Solo Cloud feature in Well Seeker Pro

1.0 - Introduction

Well Seeker Pro version includes an integrated geosteering update feature which automatically creates new plans using updated geosteering data from Rogii’s Solo Cloud. This utilizes Well Seeker’s existing Create Offset Plan tool, combined with input data automatically pulled from Solo Cloud. In combination this negates the requirement for user input, speeds up the geosteering update workflow and eliminates a source of human error.
Additionally, this feature can pull the formation top data (topsets) from Solo Cloud and overwrite Well Seeker’s Lithology table data.
This document will guide the user through the specifics of the setup and operation of this feature.

2.0 – Create an offset plan from a Solo Cloud target line

For this feature to work, the user requires a stable internet connection and an Actual Well / Survey setup in the Well Seeker database tree. For detailed steps regarding how to achieve this, refer to the Well Seeker Pro How to Guide.
1. Open any survey table under the well of interest.
2. Select Tools > Solo Cloud.
3. The Solo Cloud dialog will open. In the Object Explorer section, your organization name should display below Solo Cloud. If it does not, confirm that the ICDS Server IP and Port values in the Real Time Data Exchange dialog are correct. Input valid Username and Password credentials for the relevant Solo Cloud server. These credentials should be obtained from your Solo Cloud provider. Once entered the Username and Password will be saved and used for all surveys present below the Actual Well.
4. Check and then expand the relevant Organization, Well and Actual Well item in the Object Explorer. As you select items in the Object Explorer, the Settings dialog will update accordingly.
5. Chose the Auto Update setting. Select YES or NO.
YES: When a new primary Target Line is added to the Solo Cloud database, the Well Seeker user will receive a pop up message within the Well Seeker interface, informing the user of the existence of the new target line and offering the user the choice of creating a new plan within Well Seeker. If the user selects to create a new plan, the plan will be automatically generated and selected as the principal plan, otherwise nothing will change. If the user selects YES, then close the Solo Cloud dialog and continue operations.
NO: The user picks the target line and creates an offset plan manually from the Solo Cloud dialog. If the user selects NO, then follow the below steps.
6. Check and expand the Target Lines level and select the relevant target line. Target lines that have been Starred within Solo Cloud will display with a green T icon next to them. This is to indicate the most recent target line. The Object Info section will display the target line data when selected.
7. Select the Create offset plan icon. The offset plan will have been created and be accessible in the Well Seeker database. Close the Solo Cloud dialog.
8. The offset plan has been created, but the user still requires to select this plan as the principal plan. Select the new plan and open the plan properties. Select Set as principal plan, then Apply, close the Plan Properties dialog and continue operations.

3.0 – Pull Topsets into Well Seeker’s Lithology table

1. Follow section 2, steps 1 to 4.
2. Select Topsets and then the desired Topset group. Note that the check boxes will not be selectable. Only the text can be selected. The Object Info section will update with the relevant formation top data.
3. Select the Pull Tops icon. Select Yes to the overwrite existing lithologies message. Close the Solo Cloud dialog. The Lithologies table for the current actual wellbore will have been overwritten with the Solo Cloud Topsets data.

4.0 – Admins Only – Setup Instructions

In order for the Solo Cloud features described in this document to function, an admin user is required to input the Solo Cloud account details within the Innova Web Portal. Below steps detail how to achieve this. This only needs to be input once:
1. Log on to the Innova Web Portal as a user who has Admin level permissions. See below video link detailing how to log on to the Innova Web Portal:
2. Once logged in, select the main menu and select Database Admin Tools > Solo Cloud.
3. In the bottom right of the screen, select the pencil icon and then select Add.
4. Input the relevant Solo Cloud specific details and select SUBMIT.