1.0 - Introduction

The Innova App allows the user to access their existing Well Seeker Pro data via a user friendly interface, on any App compatible device, in any location, without the requirement for a licensed copy of Well Seeker Pro on that device. The App also offers the ability to control exactly what data a particular user can and cannot see when logged in using their account. This makes it the perfect easy to use platform for any organization to control data access internally, but also amongst third parties, for example a client wishing to view data for their specific wells.


  • Well Seeker Pro SQL server database populated with data.

  • iOS or Android device.

General Touch Screen Guidance:

  • To scroll through a page take one finger and drag it in the desired direction of travel.

  • Where the below icon exists in a display, it means that multiple displays are viewable. To change the view swipe left/right with one finger. If you are currently in a zoomable map/plot, use two fingers to swipe left/right to navigate away from the display.

  • To zoom in and out of a map/plot, touch the map/plot with two fingers and incrase/decrease the distance between your fingers.

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