9.0 – Well Seeker Admin

This section is only available to users with the Admin permission enabled on their user account. Gives an organizations administrative users access to their organizations Well Seeker Pro and Innova Engineering usage data. The admin can also deactivate and reactivate Well Seeker Pro and Innova Engineering licenses from this interface.

9.1 – Current User Details

Displays a list of individual Well Seeker Pro and Innova Engineering devices using your company build of the software. Information displayed includes device, IP address, version, location, and last time active information. When the user selects a listed device the message “Well Seeker user Are you sure you wish to change?” If No is selected, then this action will be cancelled and no change will be made. If Yes is selected, then the license status for this device will be changed i.e. from active to deactivated, or from deactivated to active.

9.2 – Usage Summary

Displays the number of Well Seeker Pro and Innova Engineering users for each day over the past month, along with the minimum, average and maximum daily usage figures.

9.3 – Usage Map

Displays the location of each Well Seeker Pro user on the map. Select the user marker on the map to see their user details.