13.15 – Create Bid Sheet

Only accessible at Operator level. The Bid Sheet tool allows the user to generate a quote for services to a client. If the bid is approved, the Bid Sheet tool can be used to quickly convert the quote into cost codes for an actual well.

The user can create a new bid sheet by clicking on the New Bid Sheet icon in the toolbar or selecting the Add option in the File menu. In the top section of the Bid Sheet dialog the user can select existing bids from the dropdown box. The box beside the dropdown box contains the date that the bid sheet was created. This can be edited if the user wishes. In the Description box the user should give the bid sheet a name. On the far right of the top section, the user can enter an expiry date for the bid.

In the Bid Categories section, the user can enter prices for the quote. In the Description field they should enter a name for each item. In the Cost Code field, they should give each item a unique code. The Cost field should contain the price for one unit of the item. In the Schedule field the user should choose how the item is charged from the dropdown box. For example, if the item is a day rate for DD services, the user should choose the DAY schedule. The items will appear as a price listing in the quote.

For each item entered in the Bid Categories section, the user can add additional costs or items in the Details section. These costs will be listed beneath each parent item in the price listing in the quote. If the item is included in the list of its parent, the user should select INCLUDED from the Cost Schedule dropdown. If the item has additional costs, the user should give it a Cost Code and a Cost for one unit.

In the Customer and Supplier Details sections, the user should pick the desired customer and supplier from the dropdown boxes. The information in the Customer Details and Supplier Details section is entered in the Shipping Addresses tool (see section 13.7 – Shipping Addresses)

In the Front Page Text section the user should write a cover letter for their quote. The signature for the Front Page Text will be taken from the Supplier Details. In the Notes section the user can add any additional information. This will appear below the price listing in the quote.

Once the above sections have been completed, the user can generate a quote in PDF format by clicking on the Print bid sheet icon on the toolbar or by opening the File menu and selecting Print.

If the bid is approved by the client, the user should enter the date it was approved in the Appr. Date box in the top section. The user approving the bid should also enter their name in the Approved By box. Note that if connected to a remote server database, the user must have Approver user permission set to do this – see section – User Permissions.

If the user has the Approver user permission set, they can also archive bids by clicking on the Archived checkbox. This will make the bid invisible to users on a remote server database that do not have Approver user permission. Archiving bids on a local database has no effect.

Once a bid has been approved by entering a name into the Approved By box, the cost codes in the Bid Categories and Details sections can be sent to a well as cost codes. The user should click on the Copy Bid to Cost Codes button on the toolbar or use the same option in the File menu. Well Seeker will ask the user which well under the current operator they would like to send them to. Any items in the Bid Categories and Details section with a Cost Code and a Cost entered will be added to that wells Cost Code table. See section 13.2 - Cost Codes for more information.

Bid Sheet File Menu options

Save: Saves any changes made to the current bid sheet.

Print: Exports the current bid sheet to a PDF format report.

Add: Creates a new bid sheet.

Delete: Deletes the currently selected bid sheet.

Copy: Creates a duplicate of the currently selected bid sheet.

Copy to another operator: Duplicates the currently selected bid sheet to another operator selected by the user.

Copy bid to cost codes: Sends the costs in the Bid Categories and Details sections to the Cost Code table of a well under the current operator. A dialog box will appear that allows the user to select the destination well. This option is only available if a bid has been approved by entering a name into the Approved By box.

Exit: Closes the Bid Sheet dialog.

Bid Sheet Tools Menu options

Archive Bid: Archives the currently selected bid. On a remote server database this makes the bid invisible to anybody that does not have Approver privileges.

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