13.19 – In Zone %

Only available at actual well level. This option opens the In Zone % Calculator, which lets the user calculate how much of their surveys lie within a defined tolerance zone around the desired well path.

The user should define the tolerance zone as follows:

  • Lateral start/end MD: The start and end point of the lateral zone.

  • TVD: The TVD of the lateral that the user desires to maintain.

  • Dip: The horizontal dip of the lateral.

  • Azimuth: The bearing of the lateral referenced to north.

  • Up/Down/Left/Right Tolerance: The distance above, below and to the left and right of the lateral to the edge of the tolerance zone.

Once the above values have been entered, the user can click on the calculate button to get the In Zone % result. Well Seeker compares the surveys in the wellbore to the tolerance zone and calculates what percentage of them lie inside it.

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