13.2 - Cost Codes

This option can be accessed via the database navigator menu or directly from the Daily Reporting dialog. Note that when accessing via the database navigator menu, the Cost Codes option will only be available to select from Well Level.

This tool is used to define cost items, that can then be used in the Daily Costs tool in the Daily Reporting package and in the AFE Designer.

  • Description: A description of the Item or Service

  • Cost Code: Appropriate cost code. This will be something made up by the user.

  • Value: The unit cost of the item or service

  • Cost Schedule: User can choose the following options from a drop-down menu: Fixed, Daily, Hourly, Variable or Footage

  • Group: Appropriate group code. This allows the user to see which costs are associated with the same group.

  • Type: User can choose the following options from a drop-down menu: Tangible, Intangible or Consumable

  • Vendor: Enter the vendor’s name. This allows the user to group costs by vendor.

The cost code profile can be exported as a .mdb file using the Export button, and the Import button can be used to import cost code profiles.

If any cost codes have been sent to the well using the Bid Sheet tool, the name of the bid will appear in the Linked Bid box.

The Search box can be used to filter the results table. The Update from remote button allows the user to pull in cost codes from a bid sheet on a remote server.

To access bid sheets the operator must exist on both the local and the remote server. The user must also have recently connected to the remote server via the Real Time Data Exchange or Remote Data Fetch.

The Set to Default button will set the cost codes to match the values entered in the Activity / Cost Code Defaults (See section 6.4.14 –Code Defaults).

The Import from Oasis button allows the user to import cost codes from an external Oasis ERP database. The Oasis endpoint credentials need to be set up in section – Oasis Credentials.

Once complete, the data entered in this section will be available to select in the Daily Costs section of the Daily Reports and also in the AFE Designer.

The window can also be locked using the checkbox in the bottom left. When locked it is not possible to change any of the data in the window. If a password has been set in the associated Operator Properties, it will need to be entered before the window can be unlocked.

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