13.20 – Recover Slide Sheet from DDR

Only available at actual well level. If a slide sheet is deleted or corrupted, it may be possible to recover it from the daily activities section of the daily report.

The user should select the BHA or BHAs that they wish to recover the slide sheets for, by checking the Recover checkbox beside their name and then clicking OK. Note that this will overwrite any existing data in the slide sheet and cannot be undone.

Well Seeker will look for rotary drilling and slide drilling activities that are assigned to the selected BHA in the daily report. It will then transfer the date, start time, end time, start depth and end depth of these activities to the slide sheet. It will also attempt to read the drilling parameters from the activity description and transfer them to the slide sheet. However, this will only work if the description is written in the below format, as if it had been imported using the Get DDR from Run Sheet button:

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