13.0 - Reporting

The Well Seeker PRO daily reporting package allows the user to semi-automate the creation of daily drilling reports. Reporting package features are accessed through the reporting toolbar in the database tree, or through the Reporting Toolbar.

Use the navigation tree on the left to view the page for each feature in the Reporting package.

The daily reporting package can produce the following reports:

13.0.1 Reporting Data Input Sequence

It is suggested that data is input in the following order to increase input efficiency and reduce the requirement to duplicate data entry. However, this is just a guide and the user can deviate from this sequence should they wish.

  1. Input tool listing into Tool Inventory. This will give the user the option to select these components when creating a BHA, reducing duplicate data entry.

  2. Input/import the BHA for the upcoming run in the Drill String Editor. Once created a BHA can be associated with a time and date window within daily reporting. This allows for sharing of data between Drill String Editor and Daily Reporting, including allocating tool performance and utilisation data.

  3. Confirm/edit Activity Codes, Cost Codes and Phase Codes. These codes can be utilised in the Daily Reporting dialog and when referenced, are used by Well Seeker to generate the relevant KPI data. If the user is interested in reporting this data, it is important that these codes are set correctly at the start of the job.

  4. Input/confirm Shipping Addresses. Shipping addresses can be selected in the shipping ticket dialog.

  5. Fill in the Daily Reporting and Shipping Ticket sections as required.

  6. The user can populate the daily activity section of the daily report directly from the slide sheet. If it is the user’s intention to populate the daily report in this way, then input the drilling data into the Slide Sheet over the relevant 00:00-24:00 time interval. At any time, the user can select Get DDR from Run Sheet within the Daily Reporting dialog, and the daily activity section will be populated automatically with the relevant data from the run sheet.

13.0.2 Reporting Toolbar

The Daily Reporting toolbar is an additional toolbar that gives access to the main Daily Reporting Functions. It can be enabled/disabled using the View > Toolbars and Docking Windows menu item.

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