6.3 - View Menu

The view menu allows the user to customize how the Well Seeker PRO interface looks and which elements to display.

Toolbars and Docking Windows: This menu allows the user to show or hide various elements of the Well Seeker PRO main user interface. If there is a tick next to the item, it means it is currently being displayed. If an element has been closed it can be re-opened from this menu. The customize option displays a dialog which allows the user to customize the look and feel of the overall interface.

Decimal Places: Allows the user to select the number of decimal places the plan and surveys are referenced to. User can select between 1 and 10 decimal places.

Font Size: This option relates to the size of the font in the Survey / Chart window. The user can choose between Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Lat Long Display Options: This option allows the user to select how latitude and longitude are displayed in the Survey Viewer. The user can select either Degrees, Minutes and Seconds or Decimal Degrees. Any active surveys must be closed and re-opened before the change can come into effect.

Survey Column Show Hide: This option is only available if a plan or survey is open in the Survey / Chart viewer area. This allows the user to customize the columns which appear in the survey / plan grids. Click on the checkmark in the Visible column to toggle that column on/off when viewing a survey or a plan. Click ‘Apply’ to save changes and ‘Cancel’ to exit without saving changes.

The “Method” and “Target” columns are only applicable when in a plan.

The “TC X” “TC Y” “TFO Highside” “TFO + Azi”, “Distance to Plan”, “Up Down”, “Left Right”, “Closure Azimuth” & “BR to Land” columns are only available when in a survey.

Use Direct 3D: Toggles whether Well Seeker uses DirectX drivers to render 3D charts and effects. If the user is experiencing issues while viewing 3D charts, toggling this option off may resolve them. However, display quality and functionality are reduced in 3D charts when Direct 3D is toggled off.

Color Palette Selection: Sets the color palette for some charts, such as the KPI charts produced in Daily Reporting or Well Analytics.

PDF Report Font Size: Changes the font size for PDF format reports. Default size is 12.

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