1.0 - Software Overview

Innova Engineering is a complete well engineering software solution combining the power of multiple packages into one application. Incorporating Hydraulics, Torque & Drag, BHA Analysis, Casing Centraliser Placement and standoff, Jar Placement, Cementing Design, Casing Design, Survey Correction (SAG / Short Collar / Multi-Station Analysis) & Q.C. & BHA Magnetic Interference Calculator, Innova Engineering provides a comprehensive engineering package to plan and drill your well successfully.

Innova Engineering was developed by engineers for engineers to provide the premier engineering software package for the oil and gas industry. With exceptional functionality and an intuitive yet powerful interface, Innova Engineering delivers an innovative and integrated solution for Operators and Service Providers alike.

Main features

  • Simple to use interface, in a standalone package

  • Extremely fast calculations; results for complex BHAs at multiple flow rates / friction factors are calculated in seconds

  • Copy and paste data from Well Seeker, Excel, Notepad or any other file type directly into Innova Engineering

  • Easy to interpret graphical and numeric outputs available for all calculation modules

  • Create professional, user customized reports in both PDF and Excel formats for all outputs

  • Detailed Summary Reports for each module

  • Fully customisable charts complete with screen reader to allow quick interpretation of generated data

  • Overlay data collected from the wellsite against the modelled outputs for quick and easy comparison

  • Supports modelling of complex drilling assemblies with multiple hole opener / under reamer combinations as well as casing / liner runs

  • Complete support for complex 3D directional wells

  • Import / Export BHA assemblies

  • Editable Fluids Library & Components Catalogue

Torque and Drag Module

  • Latest soft string model with stiffness correction factor

  • Model Viscous Drag, additional side force due to buckling & Contact Surface Correction

  • Conservative (Unloading) & Standard (Loading) Helical Buckling Models

  • Calculate T&D for multiple rig operations simultaneously Tripping In / Out, Rotating On / Off Bottom, Sliding and Reaming

  • Ability to model for both pumps on and pumps off and account for string differential pressure

  • Calculate Sinusoidal and Helical buckling limits

  • Full support for casing, liner, tubing & drilling assemblies

  • Full support for complex 3D directional wells

  • Friction factor sensitivity analysis for unlimited number of friction factors, or single calculation

  • Models casing flotation / drill string fill

  • Friction reduction devices (Non-rotating drill pipe protectors) can be modelled

  • Calculates expected pipe stretch and torque induced pipe twist

  • Elemental (snapshot) view available for all calculations

  • Calculate side forces & casing wear for all operations

  • Drill string fatigue prediction

  • Real time data can be modelled & displayed alongside the calculated data in order to back calculate real time friction factor

  • Actual and apparent WOB and overpull calculations, visualize how much overpull / WOB is experienced at the bit for a given value seen at surface. Useful for determine trip / overpull margins and for setting packers & liner hangers

  • Casing Standoff & Centralizer Spacing Calculation. Use to optimise standoff and achieve proper zonal isolation

  • Ability to model expandable liners including max pull, pull at cone, expected expansion hookload as well as outer & inner string running loads

  • Ability to model different materials such as Aluminium as well as steel

  • Model the effect of casing centralisers / stabilisers

  • Ability to model Air Drilling

  • Option to select the fluid level in the wellbore

Hydraulics Module

  • Support for multiple hydraulic models:

    • Bingham Plastic

    • Power Law

    • Herschel Bulkley

    • Robertson Stiff

  • Calculated Outputs:

    • Standpipe Pressures

    • ECD: cuttings loaded and clean hole

    • Surge and Swab

  • Complete set of hole cleaning outputs:

    • Annular Velocity Profile

    • Cuttings Carrying Index (CCI)

    • Cuttings %

    • Minimum Flowrate required for good hole cleaning (sensitivity analysis for ROP)

  • Options for single calculation or sensitivity analysis for unlimited number of flowrates and tripping speeds simultaneously

  • Full support for riser-less / dual gradient drilling

  • Split flow modelling for complex BHAs with multiple hole openers / under reamers / circulating subs

  • Incorporate data gathered at the well site into the hydraulics model and overlay the real-world data and the theoretical hydraulics model

  • Enter multiple pore pressures & fracture gradients and plot against modelled data

  • Surge and swab calculations can be calculated for any reference:

    • Bit

    • Casing Shoe

    • Bottom Hole

    • Any User Defined depth

  • Surge and swab model can also include the effects of pipe acceleration, gel strength, coil tubing operations such as continuous tripping and continuous circulation

  • Model the effect of stabilisers and casing centralisers

  • Quick bit hydraulics calculator, determine bit pressure losses and impact force without having to setup a complete project

  • Pump Pressure Safety Factor: Option to allow the user to increase the SPP by a specified percentage

Survey Correction Module

  • Correct raw MWD surveys for Z axis magnetic interference with latest short collar correction (SCC) algorithm

  • QC raw MWD surveys for G total, B total and Dip with user definable limits

  • Multi Station Analysis (MSA) can be used to calculate an optimal bias and scale factor for XYZ magnetometers

  • Option to include inclination weighting on least squares fit (LSQ) calculation

  • Optimise the non-mag spacing requirements and determine the best survey correction method for a given well trajectory / BHA

  • Full support for the following Survey Calculation Methods:

    • Minimum Curvature

    • Radius of Curvature

    • Tangential

    • Balanced Tangential

  • Supports survey interpolation for both MD and TVD, results can be exported to text or Excel

  • Produce fully customisable plots for both section and plan views and overlay well plan and actual surveys on one chart

  • QC raw MWD surveys for G total, B total and magnetic dip with user definable limits

SAG Correction & BHA Analysis

  • Survey SAG correction algorithm, to correct survey inclinations for BHA deflections

  • Can model bent motors and rotary steerable systems

  • Rotary BHA modelling to aid in build / walk rate predictions (equilibrium rate)

  • Predicted build / walk Rate for Sliding based on motor bend, hole size and Bit Formation Index

  • Predicated build / walk rates for both push and point the bit rotary steerable systems

  • Take in to account bit aggressiveness and bit type (PDC, rollercone)

  • Vibration analysis calculates Critical RPM

Magnetic Interference Calculator Module

  • BHA magnetic Interference Calculator Module

  • Well path magnetic interference analysis; calculate the expected error in azimuth for a given amount of non-mag spacing. Fully supports intermediate steel above and below the MWD sensor or both

  • Calculate non-magnetic spacing requirements and azimuth error for any well trajectory and BHA configuration

Casing Standoff & Centralizer Spacing Module

  • Model rigid and bow spring centralizers

  • Automatically optimize centralizer placement based on a desired standoff value

  • Calculate deflection at centralisers and mid joint

  • Ability to model bow spring running and restoring forces

  • Model the additional side force created by the compression of bow spring centralizers

  • One click standoff summary report, including tabulated results accompanied by standoff, side forces and hookload charts.

Jar Placement Module

  • Calculates neutral point road map which shows WOB to avoid at every depth along the well path

  • Calculates pump open force

  • Model the impact / impulse of all types of jars, accelerators & intensifiers

  • Optimize the hammer length / jar type to maximize impulse / impact

  • Calculates weight above and below jar when vertical in air and mud

  • Calculates weight above and below jar at bottom hole location in air and mud

Cementing Design

  • Cementing Schematic Animation gives a visual representation of the well geometry, string and fluids at any given stage in the cement job

  • Calculate annular pressure, equivalent circulating density and pump pressure during cementing operations

  • User definable Pumping Schedule

  • Ability to model calculations with inner string

  • Select from Bingham, Power Law, Herschel Bulkley or Robertson Stiff Hydraulics Models

  • Calculate capacities and displacements

  • Calculate Top Down, Bottoms up and Full Circulation times.

Casing Design

  • Accurately determine casing setting depths, using Bottoms Up or Top Down analysis, allowing the user to determine viable casing and wellbore schemes

  • Enables quick, systematic, and accurate valuation of casing wear limit

  • Automatically create the minimum cost design

  • Provides comprehensive tri-axial and working-stress design for burst, collapse, and axial installation

  • Provides service-life loads to maximize the use of the most cost-effective casing for each specific situation.

Well Control

  • Determine kick tolerance and perform sensitivity analysis to show how the kick tolerance changes throughout the section and the effect of mud weight changes

  • Calculate MASP, MAASP in order to determine surface pressure control equipment requirements

  • Quickly determine required kill mud weight and pumping schedule to kill the well