6.5 – Reports Menu

The reports menu allows access to the Report Manager, where PDF and Excel reports can be generated. It will only be available if the user is currently viewing a survey, plan or plot in the main user interface.

When special character sets are being entered into the program e.g. Cyrillic characters for well names etc, the user can select the relevant character set from here, which will allow these characters to be used when generating reports.

The user should select their desired report type – Error Ellipse, Anti-Collision or Survey. This will open the Report Manager where they can configure their report.

Note: Well Seeker will remember the settings from the last report printed, with the exception of the following settings: Include Details, SF Plot, Ladder Plot, Whole Path and Save Report. Reports will display the logos selected in the Operator Properties for the well in the Database Tree.

At the top of the Report Manager window is the Select Report Type section. Here the user should select one of the pre-set templates and then customize them to their liking using the options in the lower section. The user can use the drop down box in the bottom right of this section to switch between the three report types. The report type defines the options available in the Report Columns and the Report Options sections.

The user can create a new report template by clicking on the New Survey Report, New AC Report or New Error Report buttons, depending on the report type they need. Templates can be deleted by clicking on the Delete button. After configuring the report in the report manager, the settings can be saved to the currently selected template by clicking on the Apply button.

The Output section allows the user to choose the format of their report. The available formats are PDF, Excel 2003 or 2007, and tab delimited text file. The Font Size option allows the user to set the size of text in the results table, but only in PDF format reports.

The Report Columns table allows the user to select the columns displayed in the main results table of each report. Columns can be turned on or off by clicking the Enabled check box. Columns can be re-arranged using the Move Up and Move Down buttons. The Report Options table allows the user to enable or disable other features of the report.

The available options in these tables depends on the type of report selected - Error Ellipse, Anti-Collision or Survey. See the sections below for details on each report type.

The Interpolate section allows the user to apply some interpolation to their survey or plan listing. The AC Reports Plots section allows the user to add two relevant plots to their AC report.

Interval: When this option is toggled on, instead of listing the survey/plan stations the report will show an interpolated listing. The interval sets the distance in MD between each interpolated station.

Depth From/To: Allows the user to only display stations within a specific depth range in the report. This can be used without interpolation.

Include Final Station: The final survey/plan station will be included in the interpolated listing.

Include Stations: All survey/plan stations will be included in the interpolated listing.

Whole Path: If the well/survey being printed does not start from surface – for example it is a survey tied on to a shallower section, or it is a sidetrack – then toggling this option will add the sections above it to the report, all the way up to surface.

Only Interpolate Plans: If the trajectory being printed is made up of both a plan and actual surveys, then the user can toggle this option so that the interpolation settings only apply to the plan. The actual surveys will display normally with no interpolation.

SF Plot/Ladder Plot: The options allow the user to add a Separation Factor and Ladder plot to the end of their report. These are only available in an Anti-Collision report, and the well/plan being printed must have offsets assigned.

The sections in the bottom right of the Reports Manager give the user some additional options for formatting and printing their reports.

Colours: The Background and Inset Background options allow the user to set the colour scheme of PDF format reports. The Excel Report option sets the colour scheme of Excel format reports. The Defaults button will reset the colour schemes back to the defaults displayed above.

Page Setup: Allows the user to choose between portrait or landscape orientation when creating PDF or Excel format reports.

Include Details: Toggling this on will display the company details on the front page of the PDF format report. The company details can be edited by opening the Help menu in the main interface and selecting Company Details.

Save Report: Toggling this on will prompt the user to save the report to a file location. If this option is not selected, the report will be generated and previewed but not saved when the Create button is pressed. The report can be saved by clicking the save button in either the PDF viewer or Excel depending on which report type is generated.

Create: After setting up their report, the user should click on the Create button to print it.

Cancel: Close the Report Manager.

Batch Print: Opens the Batch Print window. This feature allows the user to save multiple reports at once. All reports will use the options selected in the Report Manager.

The user should select the wells they want to print from the database tree. The type of wells/plans displayed in the tree can be changed using the Filters section. The user should select a location to save the reports using the Select Folder box. When the Print button is clicked, a report for each selected well/plan will be created and saved.

6.5.1 – Error Ellipse Report

Error Ellipse report column options include: MD, Inc, Azi, Mag H, Bias H, Mag L, Bias L, Mag V, Bias V, Mag Bias, Semi Major, Semi Minor, Azi, Survey Tool.

6.5.2 – Anti-collision Report

It should be noted that Well Seeker will only generate an AC Report if the user has at least one offset well selected. If no offset wells are selected, then the user will receive a warning.

AC Report column options include: Ref MD, Ref TVD, Off MD, Off TVD, Ref Semi Maj, Off Semi Maj, TFO, Off NS, Off EW, Ref OD, Off OD, C2C, Ellipse Separation, Min Separation, Bias, SF, Warnings.

When creating an anti-collision report the SF Plot and Ladder Plot options at the bottom of the report manager become available. These options allow the user to add a Separation Factor plot and a Ladder Plot to the report.

6.5.3 – Survey Reports

Survey Report column options include: MD, Inc, Azi, TVD, NS, EW, VS, DLS, BR, TR, TFO, CL, TVDSS, Grid N, Grid E, LAT, LONG, Closure Azi, Up Down, Left Right, Dist.

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