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6.2 – Edit Menu

Figure 26: Edit menu
This menu is only available if a survey or plan is open in the Survey / Chart viewer area. It is also available by right clicking anywhere in the Survey / Chart Viewer when a survey or plan is selected.
  • Undo: Reverses the last action that you performed in the Survey / Chart viewer.
  • Redo: Reverses the last Undo action that was performed in the Survey / Chart viewer.
  • Copy: Copy the selected grid rows to the clip board.
  • Paste: Paste survey data from the clip board to the grid. Only MD INC and AZI data will be pasted; all other data will be discarded.
  • Delete: Delete the currently selected row if a full row is selected or delete the contents of the currently selected cell / cells.
  • Insert Row: Insert a row below the current selection.