Appendix A – Software Licensing

Well Seeker PRO is by default shipped with a 2 day trial license which enables all software features.
After this period has expired a full license must be purchased. Each software license is issued for a specific PC and to do this a computer code must be provided to Innova so the license can be issued. If your trial period has not expired open Innova engineering and click on the help menu-> License info option to display the license info dialog.
Figure 344: License Details
If your trial copy Well Seeker PRO has expired or your license is invalid the computer code will be displayed on the start-up screen. The code can be copied to the clipboard by highlighting the code and pressing Ctrl + C. This can then be pasted into a text document or email.
Send the computer code string to [email protected] and you will receive your license in the form of a LICENSE.txt file. Place this file in the same directory as WellSeeker.exe. usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Innova Drilling & Intervention\Well Seeker. And run the software.
License Deactivation
If you wish to deactivate a license (to move it to another machine), click on the deactivate license button in the license info dialog. Note the deactivation code and send a copy along with the computer code of the new PC to [email protected]. Once the deactivation code has been verified a license for the new machine will be issued.