1.0 - Login

The Innova Web Portal can be accessed directly by going to the portal web page at https://www.icpwebportal.com/. Alternatively, the Web Portal can be accessed by going to the Innova Drilling & Intervention homepage at https://www.innova-drilling.com and clicking on the Web Portal link at the top of the page.

Clients based in the Europe can access the European version of the web portal at https://eu.icpwebportal.com/

The user will then be asked to log in. Your username and password will be provided to you either by Innova or your systems administrator. The user should enter their username and password and then click on Continue to log in.

If the user forgets their password, they should click on the Forgot Password link. They will be asked to enter their email address, which will receive an email with instructions to reset their password.

1.1 - Multi-Factor Authentication

In the User Management page, the system admin can activate Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for a user. This means that in addition to their username and password, they must also enter a temporary security code generated on another device - usually their smart phone.

Note that if MFA is activated for a user, the security code is also required to log into the Innova phone app and a server database in Well Seeker. The user will not be able to access these until they have registered a MFA device in the Innova Portal.

The first time a user logs in after MFA has been activated or reset, they must register their MFA device. They will see the screen shown below. If the organization is managing their users through Okta or Azure AD, a similar app specific version will appear.

The user should then open their desired authenticator application and scan the QR code. A row named Innova Drilling & Intervention will be added in to the authenticator app in question, which will generate a six digit code at a pre-determined time interval. The user should input this six digit code into the six cells displayed below the QR code and select SUBMIT MFA.

The next time the user logs in they will see the below screen:

The user should open their authenticator app on their registered device, where they will be provided with a temporary six digit code. The user should input this six digit code into the six cells displayed and select SUBMIT MFA.

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