10.0 - User Management

User management is designed to allow an organizations administrators to create and edit login credentials for individual users and to specify the exact information that the user will be able view and interact with, when logged in using those credentials.

10.1 – Users

Displays a search filterable list of the organizations App / Web Portal users.

  • Tap on the user details in order to edit these details and also to deactivate and reactivate the user if required.

10.2 – Roles

Roles are a set of user permissions that can be setup and used by multiple users. Roles establish what admin and editing permissions a user has, as well as what App and Website add-on features the user has access to.

  • Tap on the role details in order to edit these details.

  • Input the name and display name of the role.

  • Select from the role permissions, red indicating off and green indicating on:

    • Admin – A user with a role with this selected can access and edit the Well Seeker Admin and User Management sections of the App. Only select this to establish a role for company administrators. All other roles should have this option unselected.

    • Edit, Delete, Approver, Create – Do not currently have a function. These are place holders for when data editing functionality is available within the App.

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