6.10 - Help Menu

Help: Opens the Well Seeker PRO help file.

License Info: Displays the current license info for Well Seeker PRO.

Details of the licensing dialog are detailed in Appendix A.

Online documentation: Opens the Innova Documentation website, which contains all of Innova’s information resources in one place. The website contains this manual, along with shorter tutorial documents and videos, as well as longer form training videos.

Online training videos: Opens the Innova Documentation website but navigates to the Online Training Videos section.

Open documentation folder: Opens the windows folder where the default install documentation, how to guides and manuals can be found.

Open database location: Opens the windows folder where the Well Seeker Pro database file currently open is saved.

Open Install Folder: Opens the folder which was created during the install process.

Open Setup File Folder: Opens the folder which contains the active setup file.

Open Virtual Store: Opens the virtual store folder. Depending on the computer setup and user permissions, the virtual store may contain several files and folders which are used by well seeker. This folder can sometimes be difficult to locate as it is often hidden. This option automatically locates and opens the folder for you.

Send Debugging Email: If the user has outlook setup as their email platform, selecting this option will open a new email from their default email account. The email will contain the following:

  • The Debugging File will be included as an attachment.

  • The subject line will be populated with the following: Well Seeker Debugging Info (Date).

  • The body of the email will contain the system information which is included in the txt document in the debugging folder.

Create Debugging File: Creates a zipped debugging folder which the user can save anywhere they wish on their computer. The debugging folder contains the following files:

  • A copy of the current Database which will have the date added to the end of the name.

  • A copy of the user’s setup file.

  • A txt document containing certain system information, including the current version of Well Seeker being used, Screen resolution details etc.

If the user is having technical issues, this folder can be sent to support@innova-drilling.com and contains most of the data required by the support team to investigate the issue.

Audit Logs: Opens the Audit Data window. This window allows the user to track changes made to the database. The Audit Data grid will display the time each change was made, a description of the action performed, the object the action was performed on and the user that performed the action. If on a local database this will always be ‘local user’ but if logged into a remote server this will display the username of the person that performed the action. At the bottom of the window the user can change the number of records shown in the grid using the Number of Records box. The two dropdown boxes can be used to filter by description and by object name.

Start Screen Capture: This option, after a few seconds, will start to record a video of the user’s screen. This video can then be sent to the Innova support team to help with investigating issues. Note: Only one screen capture video can be saved at a time. Starting an old one will overwrite the previous capture.

Stop Screen Capture: Once the user has captured everything they need in the screen capture, they should select this option to stop recording and save the screen capture file.

Open Screen Capture File Location: Opens the folder containing the screenCapture.mp4 file that contains the most recently captured video.

Email Screen Capture: If the user has outlook setup as their email platform, selecting this option will open a new email from their default email account. The email will contain the screen capture video as an attachment. If the user is having technical issues, this file can be sent to support@innova-drilling.com and will aid the support team to investigate the issue.

Well Seeker – Self Test: This option is used by Innova staff to test software updates. It should not be used by users.

Company Details: Allows the user to enter the Name, Website and Telephone Number for their company. This information can then be added to the front cover of any reports generated by the user. The option to include these details is found in the report manager.

About Well Seeker: Displays the current version of Well Seeker PRO. If the Check for Update function has been run and an update is available, the Download and Download/Install buttons will be available.

Clicking on Download will save a zip file containing the patched Well Seeker.exe to the user’s computer. The user can then implement the batch manually by following these steps:

  1. Back up your database by going to File > Backup Database.

  2. Close Well Seeker PRO.

  3. Unzip Well Seeker.exe from the zip file. Place it in your Well Seeker PRO installation directory, replacing the file that I already there. By default this directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\Innova Drilling and Intervention\Well Seeker PRO

  4. Open Well Seeker PRO and go to Help > About Well Seeker. Your version number should be updated to the latest version.

Clicking on Download/Install will automatically download and apply the patch. Please note that Well Seeker PRO will close and reopen during this process, so it should not be run during a critical operation. Any incoming/outgoing data streams such as WITS or the Real Time Data Exchange will also need to be restarted.

Check for Update: Contacts the Innova server and carries out a check on Innova’s patch updates. It will inform the user if their version is up to date, or if there is a newer version available via a message window.

If Well Seeker Pro is up to date, then no further action is required. If a patch update is available, then the user will be informed of the new version number available and there will be an additional reminder in the bottom right of the UI.

Auto update check: If this option is toggled on, Well Seeker will run the Check for Update function every time the program starts.

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