Appendix A – Setting Up A New User

Follow the below steps to set up a new user. It is assumed that the individual following the steps is already logged on to the Innova App with a user account with the Admin permission enabled.

  1. Open the User Management page.

  2. If an appropriate role for the user you are creating already exists then proceed to step XXX, otherwise continue to step 3.

  3. Input the name, display name and select the permissions. See section 10.2 – Roles for details. Select Submit.

  4. Input the user email address, password, organization, role, default unit set and ensure the Active cell is selected and green. Take a note of the email address and password. You will need to forward these to the user. Select Submit.

  5. Once you have created the user, a validation email will be sent to the user’s email address. Ensure that the user is aware of this and completes the validation process.

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