13.8 – Shipping Ticket

This option is only available to select from the Actual Well level. Using the information already input in the Inventory and the Shipping Addresses dialogs, the user can quickly and easily create a Shipping Ticket Report in excel format by selecting the Print radio button.

File Menu

  • Save: Saves the currently selected shipping ticket

  • Add New Ticket: Creates a new shipping ticket

  • Delete Ticket: Deletes the selected shipping ticket

  • Print Excel: Prints the selected shipping ticket to excel

  • Print PDF: Prints the selected shipping ticket to pdf

  • Exit: Closes the shipping ticket dialog

Tools Menu

  • Select All: Selects ALL the tools in the lower grid

  • Unselect All: Unselects ALL the tools in the lower grid

  • Ship Tools: Once the user has selected the relevant tools to ship, from the select tools section, selecting the ship tools radio button will have the following effect: In the tool inventory, the selected tools will have the ‘on location’ box unchecked and the date off location cell will populate

  • Select Tools Ready for Backload: Selects tools in the lower grid which have been marked for backload in the inventory

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