11.9 - Audit Data

The Audit Data page allows the user to view a log of user activity in the organisation’s SQL server database by users that have accessed the database using Well Seeker Pro.

The page shows the last 500 activities recorded. The user can scroll backwards and forwards through the log using the left and right arrow icons at the top left of the page. The user can filter activities by Object, Description and Username using the Search bar at the top of the page.

Each entry has the following information:

Object: The name of the action.

Description: A more detailed description of the activity covered by the Object.

Username: The username of the user that performed the action.

Date: The date and time of the action.

15.1 - Audit Data Edit Menu

Refresh: Refreshes the page to show nay new activity.

Export to XLSX: Exports the Audit Data page in Excel format.

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