11.7 - Personnel Names

The Personnel Names page allows the user to create and store a list of personnel in the organisation’s database. These personnel are then available for selection in other pages in the Web Portal, such as the Wells List page and the Edit Personnel dialog in the Daily Reports page. They will also be available for use in Daily Reporting if the database is accessed via Well Seeker.

Personnel are marked with a green dot to show they are active, or a red dot to show they are inactive. Only active personnel will be available for selection in other pages. New people can be added using the Edit Menu located in the bottom right of the page. Personnel can be deleted by clicking on the red trash bin icon to the right of each rig. Clicking on a name will open the Add/Edit Personnel dialog:

Name: The full name of the personnel.

Position: Select the position of the personnel from the available choices in the drop-down box. This will define where the personnel will be available for selection in other features.

Employment: If available, the user can enter the name of the personnel’s employer here.

Email: Contact email for the personnel.

Phone #: Contact phone number for the personnel.

ID #: If the personnel has a company ID number, it can be entered here.

Day Rate: If the personnel has a standard day rate charge, it can be recorded here.

Active: User can toggle this off to disable the personnel, preventing it from being chosen in other features.

14.1 - Personnel Names Edit Menu

Add: Adds a new person to the personnel name list and opens the Add/Edit Personnel dialog.

Refresh: Refreshes the page with any new data uploaded from the field.

Export to XLSX: Exports the Personnel Names list in Excel format.

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